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2018-2019 School Calendar: 2018-2019 School Calendar

GSCM Dress code: Dress Code

Phase In Schedule 2018-19: Phase In Schedule 2018-19

Child’s Medical Statement Form: GSCM_Medical Statement

Field Trip Permission: GSCM_Field Trip Permission Form/Release Form

Iowa Scores 2015

Updates, changes/additions to your child’s information. Parent Portal Link

Permission to Administer Medication: GSCMPermissionAdminMeds

Overnight Field Trip Form/Permission/Release/Authorization to Seek Medical Treatment

Photo Permission: GSCM_Photo Permission

Responsible Use of Technology: GSCM_Responsible_Use_Tech

School Handbook:  GSCMSchool Handbook

Transportation Update : GSCM_Transportation Update

Dismissal Procedure Form: GSCM Dismissal Procedure Consent Form

2018-2019 School Tour Dates: School Tours